• Specifying a Project? Think RP.

    RP Lighting • Fans has a comprehensive offering of commercial and specification-grade products needed to complete your next big project.

    Specifying a Project? Think RP.
  • Multifamily Specialists

    We understand the demands of a major development project.  That’s why we offer, accurate and reliable product delivery, and an in-stock comprehensive offering of economical multifamily solutions.

    Multifamily Specialists
  • Industrial Grade Fans

    Powerful enough to handle large commercial & industrial spaces with a huge, 70-inch blade sweep and an energy efficient motor that pulls less than 50W.

    Industrial Grade Fans
  • Proven Industry Supplier

    With over 27 years of experience in the lighting industry, RP Lighting • Fans, formerly Royal Pacific, has rapidly grown into a trusted source of LED solutions.

    Proven Industry Supplier